I Promise…

My 7 year old son was growing impatient with the desire to own a pet. He made promises to me galore. Late night on Saturday I received a mail mentioning that there are two pups up for adoption. I thought of calling the rescuer. I did. Without thinking much I decided to visit the house at 1 pm the next day. The location was sent to me on watsap which I followed on Sunday after my guitar lessons. It’s been just one year of my stay in Delhi hence, the apprehensions and reservations that clogged my mind. I gathered courage and followed the map. The house was situated in a long and narrow cul de sac. I was scared a bit. I had even sent the road map and the contact number of the rescuer to my parents…just in case.

Finally, I met this adorable and super cute lab retriever who wouldn’t leave me. I was told that the owner had tortured her so much that she is still under depression. A pet lover as I have always been I thought of adopting her immediately and drench her with all my love and care. Sunny called up and said, “Mumma, I promise you that I will study on my own and practise music on my own too. Please get me a pet.” That was it. I took her home. Wow! What a welcome my Candy received by my kids Sunny and my 4 year old daughter Winny. We celebrated her birthday on that day. She slept with me on my pillow.I was so happy. I had waited for this moment for more than 13 years. I had always had pets of all kinds like dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and even squirrels before marriage. But after marriage I had to wait for the right time. And as I slept with my Candy on the same pillow I knew that my wait had ended.

Yesterday, something happened that I could never have imagined. Sunny didn’t keep his promise so I said that the coming Sunday I would return Candy. He got upset. He went to the other room and told my relative who had come to visit us “Go and hit Mumma.” My whole world shattered and I was broken into pieces as I heard my son for whom I …Sunny kept saying these words relentlessly. His words pierced my heart. My daughter came to my room and hit me. She went back and told Sunny and said, “Don’t worry. I have hit her.” To add to my despondence my relative added, “She won’t return Candy. I will not let her do it.” That night I went to sleep with a grieving heart.

Today, in the morning, before leaving for school, Sunny told me, “You will not return Candy.” My relative held him by his shoulder and said, “She won’t. Don’t worry.” My son left for school without even saying bye. Whole day I kept thinking as to why did Sunny use such strong words for me. He is a very sensitive child. A decent boy who is my pride. I realized that there’s flaw in my parenting. It’s my fault. He is a child who has walked the earth just for 7 years. Most of the things are mystery to him. I returned home from school by 4:30 pm. Candy went crazy and welcomed me home the way they do. I went to my kids’ room and kissed them as I found them sleeping on their bed. Sunny opened his eyes, turned around and smiled. I thought I should tell him and make him understand that what he said wasn’t right. So, I said, “Sunny, you said something yesterday that has hurt your Mumma a lot. I know you were upset.But you must never speak like this to those people who love you and care for you.” He apologized and promised again that he would be my good boy.

This time his promise wasn’t to be broken. I went out in the evening with Candy. As I walked towards my home I heard my Sunny playing his keyboard. I couldn’t believe it as he usually watches television when I’m not around. When I came to the room where he was practicing music he said, “Mumma, aunty had come with milk to me but I told her that Mumma has asked me to practise music for 1 hour. So first I’ll practise and then I’ll drink milk. Mumma, are you still angry with me… sorry… are you still hurt?” I hugged him with moist eyes and said, “Love you Sunny.” My daughter came from behind, hugged us both and said,”Love you Sunny.”




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Child Safety: A Relentless Practice for Parents Every Single Moment

Today is Raksha Bandhan, an affectionate secular festival that celebrates the beautiful bond of love and protection between a brother and a sister. This is the one time in the whole year when my 7 year old son, Sunny,  doesn’t twitch his nose when I ask him to wear his traditional attire. My daughter Winny, who turned 4 this July, has her own whims to juggle with. She wore her blue princess dress and her pink sandals. She perched on the sofa as if ready for the clicks. Sunny couldn’t stop laughing at his little sister’s funny facial expressions. After the festivities Sunny said that he wanted to buy a samosa for his sister as Rakhi gift. He asked for 10 bucks that I merrily gave him. The mother within me smiled at the innocence of Sunny. We had a wonderful Rakhi celebration till afternoon.

There was something terrible about to happen in the evening that I wasn’t prepared for.

Sunny’s friend came home to take him to the football ground for flying kites. My daughter got cranky and wanted to accompany them. I promised her that I’ll take her out to the market. I waited for my son till 6:30 pm because I wanted to take him out too. The shop close down sharp at 7 pm. So, I took my daughter to the nearest shop to buy her the toy guitar that she was throwing tantrums for. Within 10 minutes I was back home. I saw Sunny’s cycle parked near my garage. I called his name while climbing up the staircase of my home that’s on the first floor. He wasn’t there. I opened the door, went to my terrace and cried out his name. Couldn’t hear his voice. I thought that may be he went back to the football ground with his friend to fly kites. So, I took my daughter and drove to that ground. It was dark and devoid of any human breath. I said to myself that my Sunny is here only and I am going to find him. I called his friends’ parents only to hear disheartening replies. Even they got worried since it was now 8 o’ clock and Sunny wasn’t back home.

I drove back  to park my car as I wanted to walk and search for Sunny. I thought my Sunny would come running to me when he sees me. My concerned neighbor and a very good friend said she would take care of Winny. She informed the security guards too. So, I left my daughter with her and went out on the roads howling and crying out his name frantically. I called my domestic help and requested her to send her teenage son to look for Sunny as he knows all the places where Sunny  goes to play. In the meantime, another dear friend of mine came to help me along with her husband. As soon as I sat in their car I received a call from my domestic help. She said those most precious words for a devastated mother “Madam, I have found him.”

My friend got down of her car and located him coming towards the car with his ball of strings. When I heard her voice calling out my son’s name I missed a heart beat and my legs shivered as I climbed down the car. When I saw him I didn’t know how to react. I was relieved, disturbed, angry, thankful but most of all, I was happy to see my child. My friend counselled him and I did the rest. It was 8:35 pm when I returned home with both my children.

Sunny had gone to the corner most park of the campus, that’s dark and unsafe, with his friend about whom I had no clue. At that point of time I realized how important it is to ‘know’ your your child’s friends along with their respective parents, their house numbers and have the contact numbers of all of them.

I have made my children aware about child abuse and helplines. They know the child helpline numbers and the immediate steps to be taken in crisis. But today, I told my son about the brutality of people openly. I sounded like a monster mother probably but I didn’t care. My son’s eyes grew big as I told him about the butchery and monstrous intentions of people around.

Parent’s job is never-ending and relentless. We need to repeat the precautionary points and obedience to our children every single day at every single moment especially when they leave their home. Don’t ever be careless when it comes to the security of your children. Don’t ever take things for granted. Remember, accidents take a second to take place.

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I Don’t Need Them Anymore

I returned home quite late today from school. My daughter had slept on the back seat.Relentless maneuvering of the car in heavy traffic that moved inch by inch had aggravated the pain in my knee and piercing sunlight had made my eyeballs as heavy as a sack full of stones. As I entered the gate of my campus I saw a little boy  riding his bicycle with support wheels very confidently. Instantly, I thought of my 7 year old boy Sunny and wished if he could also ride his bicycle like this. It’s been just 2 months since he started going out for cycling.

Last time I saw him riding his bicycle, which is about a week ago, he wasn’t confident and had the fear of falling down and getting hurt. In order to motivate him I would tell him about my childhood experience of learning how to ride a bicycle. His favorite part of my story is when I had fallen down and one of the steel clutch brakes had pierced my thighs. He would interrupt me and say, “But Mamma you didn’t cry. You were brave. You got up and rode the bicycle with all your might. And came first.” He would then clap and hug me. It wasn’t a competition. It was just a training session. But Sunny likes to add that at the end as he feels proud of his Mamma which, in turn, fills me with pride.

As I drove closer to the boy my heart beat began to pace faster. To my utter surprise he was not just any boy … he was my Sunny. I honked to signal at him. He was delighted to see me and said, “Mamma, I am very thirsty.” I parked my car. Took out the water bottle from my bag, twisted the cap and gave it to him. He drank to his heart’s content. Handed over the bottle to me knowing for sure that the rest will be taken care of. He said in excitement, “Mamma did you see how fast I can ride my bicycle? Wait here. Don’t go anywhere. I will show you.” He knew that since his 3 year old sister is sleeping in the car I would be in a hurry to go home ad might not pay full attention to him. Keeping a watch over my daughter I stood there, gazing at my boy, flaunting his newly acquired skill to his Mamma. I was so happy that it made me get choked and weep. He rode his bicycle in full swing, took a U turn, stopped near me and said, “Did you see that Mamma? Did you see that? Now please get the support wheels removed. I don’t need them anymore.” I promised to remove them in two months. He went to the park to play with his friends and I drove back home.

In tranquility Sunny’s words echoed in my ears “Mamma please get the support wheels removed. I don’t need them anymore.” I pictured myself as the support wheel. In few years he won’t be needing me. That time is not very far when my kids would say, “Stop it Mamma. You don’t know anything. I don’t need you anymore.” I don’t know how I will handle that moment. But as for now, till the time their “Mamma knows everything” I want to cherish each and every second of my life with them.

I am so proud of both of you my babies. Mamma loves you. Stay blessed!!!

From mom to you…

How wonderful life is,now you’re in the world.


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Squeeze. Stir. Mamma I Wanna Share It With You

Bless you my Sunny&Winny

Bless you my Sunny&Winny

It was half day at school. So you came home early at 11 am. You were very excited. After getting fresh I took you and Winny on a cozy drive. The weather’s pleasant and you loved gazing at the floating clouds in the sky.

After the joy ride we came back home. You wanted to watch TV. So your wish was granted. I got busy with my daily chores. Suddenly you said,

“Mamma, I want to drink Hershey’s chocolate drink.”

I was so happy because it was the rarest of occasions when you ask for something to eat or drink. Without wasting time, fearing the change of your mood, I ran to the kitchen, adjusted my blender, took Hershey’s chocolate syrup and milk out of the fridge, assembled everything in the jar and gave it a nice frothy stir.

You came running to the kitchen and jumped out of excitement and said,

“Mamma, do you know that we should ‘squeeze, stir and share’ the Hershey’s shake?”

“Yes baby I know, because you told me so. I ‘squeezed’ the syrup, ‘stirred’ it in the jar and now you will ‘share’ it with your little sis”, I replied leaning forward to you and kissing you on your fore-head.

I took out two glasses and gave the yummy chocolate drinks to you and Winny. Smilingly, you took the glass, dropped a concerned glance at my bare hands and said,

“Mamma, I want to ‘share’ with you.”

I had no words but only tears of joy in my eyes. You are always concerned about everyone around. I hugged you and blessed both of you. You offered your glass to me holding it with both your tender hands. I took a sip which was equal to zillions of sips from any ocean of chocolate drink.

You are a very sensitive boy. And I’m sure that you’ll grow up to be a very good human being. Winny is very lucky to have a brother like you. And both of you complete me as a mother.


From Mom To You.


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Nose Like Pinocchio

Today, my 5 yr old son, Sunny, seemed a little grumpy. He was probably upset with his father. After having his dinner , he advanced towards his room, quietly, heads down. I told him his favorite bed-time story and kissed him goodnight. He had to sleep as he had weekly test the next day.

I came to the living room to watch  Angelina Jolie’s, The Tourist, with Rahul, my husband. It’s an interesting movie. But while I watched the movie my heart and mind wavered towards Sunny. I kept thinking about what he might be doing, how he might be feeling, alone, in that room, in that mood? So, I sprang out of my couch and tip-toed towards his room. He was sleeping on his pillow. Actually, pretending to be asleep. I was glad to discover once again that I know my baby so well.

I went to him and cuddled him, tickled him. He squeezed his eyes as tight as he could. Although he couldn’t stop smiling and giggling as a result of the little tickles on his tummy. He’s so much like me. When emotionally hurt we don’t budge so easily. I could make out that he was really upset. I looked around to find out something that would  make him chirpy again. Bingo! It was the pillow on which he was sleeping.

Sunny was sleeping on his ‘Pinocchio pillow’. I got mischievous and told him that his nose has grown long like Pinocchio’s . He didn’t respond. I went closer to him and whispered into his ears “Sunny, your nose … now you look like Pinocchio”. Sunny opened his eye, jumped out of the bed and ran to the dressing table to check the size of his nose. I couldn’t stop laughing. I ran to him, held the tip of his nose and gently pulled it a little and said that it doesn’t look that bad. Sunny suddenly became serious. His smile vanished. I was puzzled. Where did I go wrong?

“Sunny baby, what happened? Why are you so serious?”

“Mamma, you say you love me. Should we make fun of someone whom we love?”

“Oh! I wasn’t making fun of you, baby. I was just trying to be funny. You were upset and so I was trying to make you laugh. I cannot see you upset like this because I love you.”

My baby smiled. His eyes twinkled and tears rolled down his soft and skinny cheeks. Tears welled up in my eyes too as I stretched my arms. We hugged and kissed and laughed together till my Sunny slept in my arms with a smile on his face.

Stay blessed my Sunny boy!


From Mom To You.

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Today You Turned 5 My Baby, 17th Nov.2013

From Mom to You

From Mom to You

This was technically your first grand birthday party. First 2 years we were always  on the move.On your third birthday we organized Om Namo Narayana puja at home with close friends and relatives.

The year you turned 4 we got our posting letter. I wanted it to be a memorable one as we were leaving Ahmadabad forever. The only people whom you loved most in the vicinity were the two daughters of Jyotsna Ben, my domestic help. The elder one, Sonal, is a very bright student who is a rank holder. She was in class 9 then. The younger one, Bhawna, studied in class 5. You were crazy about your Sonal didi and Bhawna didi.

On 16th Nov, I intimated Jyotsna Ben about my plan for your birthday. She was a little apprehensive about all that I had decided to do. Your Papa gladly accepted my proposal. He’s a very supportive husband and an ideal father. He has never said “No” to anything so far. Touch wood!

At 12 am we celebrated your birthday by cutting a cake for you. We sang birthday song for you which you too hummed with great delight. We hugged you and kissed you and prayed to God to give you the best in life. In the morning we woke you up by singing birthday song for you. You always smile when you wake up. It brightens our day. Your father says that you have got this habit from me. Feels good. We immediately revealed our surprise plan for you- ” We will celebrate your birthday with your favorite Sonal didi and Bhawna didi. We will go to the city in your favorite mall and enjoy to the fullest.” You got thrilled at this. So much so that you brushed your teeth, got fresh and had your breakfast at lightening speed. Sonal and Bhawna too were ready on time.

Sharp at 12 pm we left for the city, Ahmadabad, which was around 35 km away from Vadsar, the place we lived in then. We went to the Reliance Mall. In the play area you and Bhawna played merrily while Sonal stood tall as a guardian. Then we did some shopping and finally we attacked the food joint. You ate what your didis ate and that too you wanted to eat from their plates. The beautiful day ended with chocolate cones and much laughter.

We reached home on time. The girls went towards their house waving at you from the farthest point possible to catch a glimpse of  your sweet face. You were not ready to let them go and began to cry. So we opened the door of the car and you ran towards the servant’s quarter. Myself and your father unlocked the door and went inside without a sign of worry because we knew you are safe with them. After a while Jyotsna Ben brought you home.  We were very happy and contented because you were happy and you enjoyed every second of your 4th birthday. You still talk to them over the phone. We are in the east and they are in the west part of the country. But love and mobile connects one and all.

Today, it’s your 5th birthday. From my cute little baby you are now a boy who’s ready to explore the realm of friendship, independence and zillions of questions. May you always be blessed with worthy friends!

On 15th I sat down to search for the perfect cake recipe as it had to be special. You joined me and started directing me for more recipes. “Mamma, I want a red and white cake.” “Beta, I can make a white and orange cake for you… like Nemo!” “Wow mamma! I’d love it.”

Your papa informed that he could not find the ingredients required for the cake Sunny wanted. So I told you the truth and asked to give me another choice. You gladly said “Mamma, I want a chocolate cake.” That’s it. No more confusion. I had everything required to make a nice chocolate cake. I had already made two egg-less cakes for those who are pure vegetarians. I wanted everyone to have a bite of your birthday cake. I made two more with eggs.

For this day I had already got icing cones from Bagdogra. It was a 15 inch long cake. You loved it and that made my day.You had demanded for chocolate cake and noodles. So the menu was – Noodles, spring rolls, cheese sandwich (as you love it), protein-rich pancakes and trays full of chocolate cake.

Snacks and soft drinks were on the roll. The theme of your birthday party was ‘Blue-Pink’. I kept looking at you laughing and jumping and running around with friends, lots of friends. You were loaded with gifts. All the kids were happy with their return gifts and prizes.

I gave you a pen set with several colorful refills. Your actual birthday gift you had already got way before your birthday as you had demanded for it. It’s a video game. I love to see you exploring the new games in it everyday. But you loved the pen set I gave you most. Immediately after your friends left you took a chart paper and drew an ocean full of colorful fish using the colorful refills.

I told you that you have so many gifts waiting for you to open. You are probably the first birthday boy who didn’t want more. You were shy. You asked ” More gifts? Why mamma? I love this pen set.” I smiled at your simplicity. Then placed you at the center of the bed and loaded you with the gifts you had received. Winny was delighted to see the shiny gift wrappers and laughed to hear the crackling sound they made. You are a very good big brother. You shared your birthday gifts with your little sister.

You loved the remote operated cars and the robot that danced on the tunes of ‘Gangam Style’. It had lights all over. The best part was the rioter that it had on its head like that of a helicopter. It had a light streamer around its edge that sparkled as it started to rotate.

We celebrated your birthday with your friends on 16th as we had organized Om Namo Narayana puja on 17th. It was Kartik Poornima, a very auspicious day. And it was all the more important day for us as you were turning 5. You sat with us during the rituals of puja. The part you loved was ‘Yagya’ because you got to throw hawan samagri at the fire. you said “Mamma this is YAGYA no?” you have read about this in your Hindi book. So you were excited to see the picture in your book come alive. You loved Shinni. With the blessings of the almighty everything went smoothly. I was at peace.

Would you like to know what did I like most about these two days of your birthday celebrations? I’ll tell you. on 17th you had your dinner , I told you a nice story and covered you well with your favorite blanket. After I was assured that you and Winny are asleep I came to watch a movie that your Papa had uploaded. You sneaked in on tiptoe and murmured ” Love you Mumma!” You do this throughout the day millions of times. I was very tired. Each muscle seemed to have cramps. I was dying with backache.

I smiled at you and stretched my arms. You came running to me and said, “Mamma I want to sleep on your lap.”

“But baby, you are now a big boy. You won’t fit.”

“No Mamma. I’m little. Please Mamma.”

“Ok. Come.”

You tried your best to fit in. I tucked you well with blanket.

After a few minutes you were fast asleep. I thought you are pretending to be so. But you had actually fallen asleep on my lap. I remembered the sunny morning of the same day 5 years back when you were born and I had held you for the first time in my arms. Tears rolled down and I hugged you and kissed you. The fear of you not wanting us anymore and feeling shy of our loving gestures when you grow up crushed me so bad that I couldn’t stop crying.

We love you no matter what and we will always love you. We pray that only the best should happen to you.

May God bless you many more wonderful years of best of health, happiness and God’s blessings!!!

Happy Birthday son!!!I’m going to miss you my baby when you grow up.


From Mom To You.

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Two Little Hands Go Clap Clap Clap!

I always wanted a happy, healthy and ‘intelligent’ baby. When Sunny was born we registered ourselves to various baby-sites. Every week we waited for the updates about our first child. I did everything possible for the all-round development of my child. To boost his intelligence I played all sorts of age-appropriate games with my 1-year-old baby. One of such games was ‘Clapping Hands’ which develop a child’s communication and cooperative skills.

Gradually, with daily practice, Sunny could clap his little hands exactly the number of times I did. He copied the rhythm too, eg: 1, 2    1,2,3 . I was delighted. I would smile with contentment as my 2-year-old confidently clapped his hands. Sometimes, he would ask me to repeat after him. I would deliberately fail to copy him as I loved to see the victorious expression on my baby’s face. It was a heavenly experience for me.

Sunny is now 4 years old. Far more confident with the ‘Clapping game’. Today, when he returned from school, his uniform shirt hanging out, he started clapping. I tried to copy him and applied my same old trick.

He said, “No mamma. Not like that.”

“Then how, baby?”, I showed eagerness to learn.

He started clapping again. There was no rhythm in there. I actually could not make out what he was trying to convey. So, I said ” I’m unable to understand the sequence. Please go slow.”

He began clapping again, this time, with great speed. With loads of excitement he said”Mamma, see, I can clap my hands so fast. Mamma, I’m growing big and strong no?

“Oh! Yes! How can I miss it. My baby is growing big and strong.” We had a heartfelt laughter.

My Sunny, all drenched in sweat, thirsty, was overjoyed with his new-found development. Once again, I smiled with contentment. Yes, my baby is growing big and strong. God bless!

From Mom To You.

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Irreplaceable Parents

Deciding the nickname for my son was easy. My father (Baba) always wanted a boy. We are three sisters. My father would sometimes call my elder sister ‘Sunny’. So, when my son was born I named him ‘Sunny‘. My father was indeed very happy. He deserved it.

Because of the c-section and some complications during my pregnancy I was under tremendous pain. My mother (Maa) is a teacher. So, my father took charge to take care of all the three of us – myself, my mother and my little one.

Everyday, early morning, 5 am, my father would make 2 different varieties of breakfast for me and my mother, pack my mom’s lunch for school. For Sunny, he would boil water, cool it, strain it, again heat it a little and pour it into the flask, pack all the necessary items including my breakfast and come rushing back to the hospital by 7 am, to relieve Maa from her shift at the hospital.

My mom, then would get ready and leave for school. After returning home from school she would take tuition, get fresh, cook and rush back to the hospital by 5 pm to relieve Baba from his shift. Baba would then go back home, get fresh, cook, come to the hospital to hand over our dinner, go back home and finally stretch a little preparing himself for the diurnal course of life.

In the hospital Baba would feed Lactogen to my new-born baby with the help of a little boat-shaped handy bowl which we call ‘Jhinuk’ in Bengali. Every time, I would wonder at the way he handled a few days old baby and fed him. All these years Baba didn’t even know which class we read. Baba would giggle and say ” I never fed my daughters when they were born. My grandson is not only making me  feed him but clean his potty as well.”

Maa would do the same for Sunny. Problem with Sunny was that he never slept even for an hour at a stretch. Whole night he would cry and Maa would either stroll or sit whole night with him in her arms which caused tremendous pain in her lower back. Years back, she had slipped and injured herself when she was carrying me. Neither could she sit nor stand due to the slipped disc in her lower back. I would request the nurse to apply soothing gel on the affected area. With this pain she had to go to school as well and spend hours standing and teaching the students. After Sunny’s birth, constantly for 48 hours she held Sunny in her arms, singing lullaby (Chanda hai tu, Mera sooraj hai tu) and trying everything possible to calm him down. Quietly, Maa would groan with pain. My heart ached with helplessness when I saw tears of pain in her eyes. I asked ” Maa, you are in so much pain and I’m unable to help the situation.” She replied, ” Theses are tears of joy for the gift God has bestowed upon us.”

Parents are irreplaceable. Being a parent myself I now understand parents’ feelings for their children. I look down upon myself for those times when I hurt them by arguing with them at the top of my voice on petty matters. I cannot undo the past. But I can always mend things the way it should have been and the way it should be.

Love you so much Maa-Baba. I owe everything to you. Thanks for being my parents, my guide, my support and my best friend for life.

 ” A Rose must remain with the Sun and the Rain,
 To make its lovely promise come true.”

From Mom To You.

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Deciding Their Names

Moms must have heard or even read the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. Well, I haven’t read it. Not yet.  But, both the times while expecting, I expected to find a good, stylish and unique name for my kids. Finding such names for boys was such a tedious task that I didn’t want to have a boy child. I searched for names that start with an ‘R‘. Why? The name of my father-in-law starts with that letter. My mom-in-law named both her sons Rahul and Rupak because she wanted it that way. She hoped that her daughters-in-law would not break the family chain of names starting with ‘R‘. So, I decided to respect her feelings; hence Raayon and Raynaa.

Raayon : 17th Nov 2008

My son, Sunny, now 4 years old, goes to LKG.

I was so worried on his birth as I could not find a name that would suffice my wish. Then my eldest aunt called me up from Kolkata (West Bengal) to congratulate me. She said “I was trying to find a name for your son that would have both ‘R’ (of Rahul) and ‘N’ (that’s the letter my name starts with). I found it. It’s ‘R A A Y O N’. How’s it?”

Wow!, I mean there couldn’t be a better name so far. All my pain caused by a c-section vanished in thin air. I was eager to know the meaning. She said ” . It’s a Bengali name. Benevolent kings who loved and cared for their subject were given this title.” I liked and locked the name for my son. My father suggested the spelling RAAYON so that people pronounce it the way it should be. Nick of the moment a man came in with the Birth Certificate form. Victoriously we filled up the form without any cloud of doubt on my mind. What a relief it was! God bless you my baby!!!

RAYNAA :3rd July 2012

My daughter, 8 months old, keeps me on my toes.

This time I was well prepared. Thanks to Google. A lot of research went into deciding her name. The criteria were –

  • The ‘R’ factor.
  • There should be an ‘N’ too.
  • Raayon means king so my daughter’s name had to be queenly.
  • There shouldn’t be any bold sound of any consonant other than ‘R’ and ‘N’.

Finding a perfect name for my daughter became an obsession. I spent sleepless nights thinking on this matter. My daughter should never feel that I was partial. Kids are very emotional. Even a teeny-weeny name-issue has the potential to hurt their sentiments. So finally, after spending hours in front of my computer screen, without blinking I guess for the fear of missing ‘the’ name, I came across this beautiful name ‘REYNA'(Spanish word for Queen) and ‘RAYNA’ (Russian and Latin word for Queen). Eureka!!!

I preferred the one which starts with R A Y … because my son’s name starts with the same letters. Also,since Raayon has 6 letters I modified the spelling and added another ‘A’ to it. So now it is ‘R A Y N A A’. Their father loved it too.

Most importantly I was happy that both my kids have names that complement each other. Raayon and Raynaa. It also has a little part of their parents into it “R and N”. Love you guys!!! God bless!!!

From Mom To You.

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