Today You Turned 5 My Baby, 17th Nov.2013

From Mom to You

From Mom to You

This was technically your first grand birthday party. First 2 years we were always  on the move.On your third birthday we organized Om Namo Narayana puja at home with close friends and relatives.

The year you turned 4 we got our posting letter. I wanted it to be a memorable one as we were leaving Ahmadabad forever. The only people whom you loved most in the vicinity were the two daughters of Jyotsna Ben, my domestic help. The elder one, Sonal, is a very bright student who is a rank holder. She was in class 9 then. The younger one, Bhawna, studied in class 5. You were crazy about your Sonal didi and Bhawna didi.

On 16th Nov, I intimated Jyotsna Ben about my plan for your birthday. She was a little apprehensive about all that I had decided to do. Your Papa gladly accepted my proposal. He’s a very supportive husband and an ideal father. He has never said “No” to anything so far. Touch wood!

At 12 am we celebrated your birthday by cutting a cake for you. We sang birthday song for you which you too hummed with great delight. We hugged you and kissed you and prayed to God to give you the best in life. In the morning we woke you up by singing birthday song for you. You always smile when you wake up. It brightens our day. Your father says that you have got this habit from me. Feels good. We immediately revealed our surprise plan for you- ” We will celebrate your birthday with your favorite Sonal didi and Bhawna didi. We will go to the city in your favorite mall and enjoy to the fullest.” You got thrilled at this. So much so that you brushed your teeth, got fresh and had your breakfast at lightening speed. Sonal and Bhawna too were ready on time.

Sharp at 12 pm we left for the city, Ahmadabad, which was around 35 km away from Vadsar, the place we lived in then. We went to the Reliance Mall. In the play area you and Bhawna played merrily while Sonal stood tall as a guardian. Then we did some shopping and finally we attacked the food joint. You ate what your didis ate and that too you wanted to eat from their plates. The beautiful day ended with chocolate cones and much laughter.

We reached home on time. The girls went towards their house waving at you from the farthest point possible to catch a glimpse of  your sweet face. You were not ready to let them go and began to cry. So we opened the door of the car and you ran towards the servant’s quarter. Myself and your father unlocked the door and went inside without a sign of worry because we knew you are safe with them. After a while Jyotsna Ben brought you home.  We were very happy and contented because you were happy and you enjoyed every second of your 4th birthday. You still talk to them over the phone. We are in the east and they are in the west part of the country. But love and mobile connects one and all.

Today, it’s your 5th birthday. From my cute little baby you are now a boy who’s ready to explore the realm of friendship, independence and zillions of questions. May you always be blessed with worthy friends!

On 15th I sat down to search for the perfect cake recipe as it had to be special. You joined me and started directing me for more recipes. “Mamma, I want a red and white cake.” “Beta, I can make a white and orange cake for you… like Nemo!” “Wow mamma! I’d love it.”

Your papa informed that he could not find the ingredients required for the cake Sunny wanted. So I told you the truth and asked to give me another choice. You gladly said “Mamma, I want a chocolate cake.” That’s it. No more confusion. I had everything required to make a nice chocolate cake. I had already made two egg-less cakes for those who are pure vegetarians. I wanted everyone to have a bite of your birthday cake. I made two more with eggs.

For this day I had already got icing cones from Bagdogra. It was a 15 inch long cake. You loved it and that made my day.You had demanded for chocolate cake and noodles. So the menu was – Noodles, spring rolls, cheese sandwich (as you love it), protein-rich pancakes and trays full of chocolate cake.

Snacks and soft drinks were on the roll. The theme of your birthday party was ‘Blue-Pink’. I kept looking at you laughing and jumping and running around with friends, lots of friends. You were loaded with gifts. All the kids were happy with their return gifts and prizes.

I gave you a pen set with several colorful refills. Your actual birthday gift you had already got way before your birthday as you had demanded for it. It’s a video game. I love to see you exploring the new games in it everyday. But you loved the pen set I gave you most. Immediately after your friends left you took a chart paper and drew an ocean full of colorful fish using the colorful refills.

I told you that you have so many gifts waiting for you to open. You are probably the first birthday boy who didn’t want more. You were shy. You asked ” More gifts? Why mamma? I love this pen set.” I smiled at your simplicity. Then placed you at the center of the bed and loaded you with the gifts you had received. Winny was delighted to see the shiny gift wrappers and laughed to hear the crackling sound they made. You are a very good big brother. You shared your birthday gifts with your little sister.

You loved the remote operated cars and the robot that danced on the tunes of ‘Gangam Style’. It had lights all over. The best part was the rioter that it had on its head like that of a helicopter. It had a light streamer around its edge that sparkled as it started to rotate.

We celebrated your birthday with your friends on 16th as we had organized Om Namo Narayana puja on 17th. It was Kartik Poornima, a very auspicious day. And it was all the more important day for us as you were turning 5. You sat with us during the rituals of puja. The part you loved was ‘Yagya’ because you got to throw hawan samagri at the fire. you said “Mamma this is YAGYA no?” you have read about this in your Hindi book. So you were excited to see the picture in your book come alive. You loved Shinni. With the blessings of the almighty everything went smoothly. I was at peace.

Would you like to know what did I like most about these two days of your birthday celebrations? I’ll tell you. on 17th you had your dinner , I told you a nice story and covered you well with your favorite blanket. After I was assured that you and Winny are asleep I came to watch a movie that your Papa had uploaded. You sneaked in on tiptoe and murmured ” Love you Mumma!” You do this throughout the day millions of times. I was very tired. Each muscle seemed to have cramps. I was dying with backache.

I smiled at you and stretched my arms. You came running to me and said, “Mamma I want to sleep on your lap.”

“But baby, you are now a big boy. You won’t fit.”

“No Mamma. I’m little. Please Mamma.”

“Ok. Come.”

You tried your best to fit in. I tucked you well with blanket.

After a few minutes you were fast asleep. I thought you are pretending to be so. But you had actually fallen asleep on my lap. I remembered the sunny morning of the same day 5 years back when you were born and I had held you for the first time in my arms. Tears rolled down and I hugged you and kissed you. The fear of you not wanting us anymore and feeling shy of our loving gestures when you grow up crushed me so bad that I couldn’t stop crying.

We love you no matter what and we will always love you. We pray that only the best should happen to you.

May God bless you many more wonderful years of best of health, happiness and God’s blessings!!!

Happy Birthday son!!!I’m going to miss you my baby when you grow up.


From Mom To You.


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